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Is Your Business Using AdWords Express?

We recommend you move to full-featured AdWords and get the benefits of 

  • Focused targeting
  • Higher impact
  • Higher ROI
  • Tighter control
  • Additional options
  • Flexibility

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When you change from AdWords Express to feature-rich Google AdWords, you get much more control over your campaigns.

You get the tools to:

  1.   Refine your targeting more precisely
  2.   Attract more qualified visitors
  3.   Avoid paying for wasted clicks for unproductive visits to your website.
  4.   Specify your own bid strategy and bid amounts
  5.   Target your ideal customers more precisely with specific keywords and match types
  6.   Cut out wasteful clicks by using negative keywords
  7.   Target either mobile or desktop devices to match the searcher’s intent and behaviour
  8.   Run targeted remarketing campaigns, which will increase conversion rates
  9.   Make use of a variety of ad extensions for greater visibility and impact of your ad
  10. Gain access to more extensive reporting
  11. Improve your quality score and reduce your cost per click
  12. Make use of drafts and experiments to A/B test campaigns

These options mean that your website’s landing pages can receive more qualified traffic at lower cost.

Get the full benefits of AdWords!

Make the switch from Adwords Express to full-featured Google Adwords.

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“Digital-Lance managed our change to AdWords from AdWords Express, bringing an improved quality of traffic to our website by using the more extensive AdWords features.” – Jamie, Ambleside Primary School of Kensington


Our monthly management fee is based on how much you spend on ads with Google.

There is an initial set up fee which is based on the number of products and services that you want to advertise on Google.

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